Henry Kissinger Took Up Residence in My Brain… and Never Paid Rent

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This blog has made no secret of its admiration for Bryce Taylor’s autobiography, the elucidatorily-titled THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES… THE TRUTH HAS SET ME FREE! The memoirs of Bob Hope’s and Henry Kissinger’s mind-controlled slave. The thirty-eight chapters are divided into sections, with titles like “Dental Office Money Laundering Schemes,” “Bonded to Bob,” “Henry Plays Chess with Real People,” “Watergate Created a Depressed President,” “Henry’s Love for His Friend Rocky,” “Henry Got Me into the Pentagon Lots of Times,” and “…Or, what do the Rockefellers, Kissinger, Alan Greenspan and the Federal Reserve all have in common?… Me as a mind file to organize their plan.” The following excerpt is from Chapter Twelve, subtitled, “Henry Kissinger Took Up Residence in My Brain… and Never Paid Rent.” 

“Kissinger was more familiar with how to access the information than anyone else because he created my internal system. He knew how to access me for different functions, in addiction to keeping the plan of the global elites organized. This form of communication allowed them to secretly communicate around the globe at times when they didn’t want anyone to be able to publicly associate their connections. I not only kept rooms full of information, neatly tucked away in my brain for easy access, but it gave Kissinger and others an advantage as it appeared they were less prepared and had less data at their fingertips than they actually did. No need to carry armfuls of books and brochures. He just brought me along and utilized me when it was time to recite information on any subject he had programmed into me. Plus, he and others who knew my programming could instill and retrieve arcane ‘e-mail messages’ from around the globe, often with the latest top secret knowledge gleaned from classified experiments and projects or messages in regard to the New World Order agenda. I was a REAL robot…

Screenshot (644)…Henry brought me into his office, sat me down at a chair across from his desk while he pulled file after file out of his filing cabinets, and laid them on an open desk in front of me. Then he said, ‘Quickly memorize this data, we’re going to a meeting.’ He would also categorize the data by saying ‘File this under A-3,’ or whatever name or code number he labeled it. He meticulously named each file and when he would loan me out to people he would tell them the file indentifier so they could access the information they needed. He would usually leave me alone with the files to memorize. When he returned, we went to the meeting. Henry rationalized this, saying this way he didn’t have to hold trivial details in his mind but could save it for more important matters, such as strategizing. That’s how I heard him explain it to others who knew about the mind control technology.”

THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES… THE TRUTH HAS SET ME FREE! The memoirs of Bob Hope’s and Henry Kissinger’s mind-controlled slave, Brice Taylor, 1999