Mrs. Stoll Hosts Literary Group

“OCEAN GROVE– The Literary Group of Ocean Grove Women’s Club met at the home of Mrs. Gertrude Stoll, last Tuesday. Mrs. Ruth Hartmann, chairman, conducted.

Mrs. Stoll proceeded with a book by Marjorie Holmes. She chose several selections of prose-like prayers. After the readings, members expressed their impressions. One of the discussions, as Christians, was the difference between ‘Worry and Concern.’ Refreshments were served.

The next meeting will be at the home of Miss Teresa Wood, 106 Embury Avenue. Miss Wood will give the book review.

Others present were Martha Blackly, Elsie Wasserman, Mabel Jacobs, Teresa Wood, Lillian Bell, and Ruth Young.”

Ocean  Grove and Neptune Times, Township of Neptune New Jersey,  page 5, Thursday, May 4, 1978.

Richard Nixon Concedes to JFK

At approximately 4:00 AM on November 9, 1960, Vice President Richard Nixon addressed his supporters.

“As I look at the board here, while there are results still to come in, if the present trend continues, Mr. Kennedy, Senator Kennedy, will be the next president of the United States.”

Nixon beamed. A wild, happy smile, full of pathos and dreadful to watch.

“I want Senator Kennedy to know, and I want all of you to know certainly if this trend does continue and if he does become our next president then he will have my wholehearted support.”