Gianni De Michelis’ ‘Dove andiamo a ballare questa sera?’

Giovanni (Gianni) De Michelis served as Italy’s Deputy Prime and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Accused of corruption and sentenced to a year and a half for bribery and six months for illegal financing, De Michelis went on to be elected a Member of the European Parliament for Southern Italy in 2004. While serving as Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister, in 1988 De Michelis found time to author a guide to his country’s discothèques, Dove Andiamo a Ballare Questa Sera? (Where to Go Dancing this Evening?), a book he promoted with spins on the dance floors of Italy’s nightclubs. 

Newscaster: “The Deputy Prime Minister of the government Gianni De Michelis has written the first annotated guide to Italian discothèques for the habitues of the dance floor, complete with starred ratings in the Michelin guide style.”

“Dancing, dancing, the book is celebrated in the nocturnal capitals of Europe, and, obviously, Italy.”

Interviewer: “The right honourable Gianni Demichelis, this book is a bit like an invitation to other politicians and colleagues to descend onto the dance floor and to be a little less moralistic.Was that your intention?”

De Michelis: “No, all said, I didn’t want to write a book for politicians, and I don’t think they’re moralistic. Should it happen that intellectuals, industrialists, and other middle aged people might have a little bit of fear and be a bit timid with respect to discotheques, which in reality are very young. You throw yourself on the dance floor and dance, it’s very easy.”

Nancy, Patti, and Ron Jr. Reagan Appear in a Crest Commercial


Proctor & Gamble had a long and fruitful relationship with the Reagan family. In the 1980s, P & G  contributed $150,000 to the First Lady’s “Just Say No” foundation, and claimed an exclusive right to send ads and coupons for its children’s products alongside the anti-drug pledge cards bearing Mrs. Reagan’s name. In the early 1960s, Mrs. Nancy Reagan appeared in commercials for P & G’s Crest, including a poolside ad featuring her children, Patti and Ron Jr. One can only imagine the bickering and threats needed to wrangle Patti out to shoot a commercial by the pool in her swimsuit. 

Announcer: And now, from Hollywood past, to Hollywood present. A visit to the home of one of Hollywood’s best-known families. Your hostess: Nancy Davis, in private life, Mrs. Ronald Reagan.

Nancy Reagan: Hello. Come and meet the younger members of the Reagan clan.

Patti: I’m Patti.

Ron Jr.: I’m Ronnie Reagan.

Nancy: We’re here as a family to talk to your family about the importance of taking care of your teeth. Like you, I want to do everything possible to protect these youngsters of mine from tooth decay.

Patti: I’ve never had a single cavity.

Nancy: And don’t think I’m not proud of that! And I aim to keep it that way. That’s why I try to find out everything I can about this problem of cavities, and why we’re so interested in talking to the people you’ll meet later. People who’ve actually helped prove that one toothpaste can reduce cavities.

Patti: The one we use, Crest.


Nancy: Of course it’s Crest. It’s the toothpaste proved effective against cavities in nine years of tests in homes like yours and mine. In a little while, I’ll show you why I’m convinced that Crest can make a real contribution to your dental program, just as it has to ours. Crest. It’s the toothpaste for families who want fewer cavities.