Flat Earth Videos on YouTube

“The Flat Earth Theory posits that the Earth is not a globe, as you have come to know it, but is in fact a flat disc-like shape,” states the YouTube video The Flat Earth Theory Explained.  According to a recent poll, two percent of Americans (6.5 million people) are on board.

Dave Pirner Considers Dolmades

In 1995, future pick-up artist Neil Strauss interviewed the musician Dave Pirner in a hotel in Austin Texas, where the Soul Asylum front man pondered the legacy of ancient Greece.

“But look, Socrates was fucking Greek, man. I mean, what influence has that culture had on us as people now? Those wrapped-up leaves with rice in them …I mean, that shit doesn’t taste that good, but it tastes pretty good. And you kind of sit there, and you eat it, and you go, ‘All right, these motherfuckers, they ate this shit, and they made a bunch of motherfuckers drag fucking rocks up a hill to build some big old colossal thing. And they tried to create this whole society.’ And what was the food left over from that? These fucking grape leaves wrapped around rice.”

Neil Strauss, ‘Soul Asylum: A Hard Dazed Night’, Rolling Stone, June 29, 1995.