Peppa Pig in Paris Plastic Toy Set

Paris-themed Peppa Pig plastic toys included in a Peppa Pig Bag o’ Fun magazine. Plastic Eiffel Tower, helicopter, picnic basket decorated with stickers of grapes, croissants, and baguettes, foam Peppa and George figurines, fake camera stereoscope with images of Peppa Pig characters in Breton tops.

Foam and plastic toys from Peppa Pig Bag ‘O Fun magazine,  2020.

Elizabeth Taylor Dates Larry Fortensky

Benny Reuben: “Man, we’re working in the hot sun and at about 2 p.m. a white Mercedes pulls up and we’re looking at it trying to see who it is, and, Jesus Christ if the door doesn’t open up and it’s Elizabeth Taylor. I’m thinking ‘What the hell is Elizabeth Taylor doing here?’ I’m looking for the cameras, thinking we’re on Candid Camera or something. She walks right over to Larry and plants a big one right on the kisser. And he says, ‘Elizabeth, you can’t be here without a hard hat.’ He hands her one, and she puts it on. I’m thinking, okay, this is a dream. She turns to us and says, ‘Hello boys,’ Most down-to-earth woman you’d ever want to meet. She brought doughnuts, coffee. Afterward, I said, ‘What the hell man? Why didn’t you tell me you were dating Liz Taylor?’ He said, ‘You didn’t ask.’ Like I woulda asked ‘Hey Larry, you dating Liz Taylor?’ Damnedest thing ever. She started coming round regularly after that. We’d be asking, ‘So, Larry, is Liz comin’ today?’ He’d say, ‘You call her Liz and she’ll hit  you over the head with that shovel.’ So we always called her Elizabeth. Classy lady, all around.”

Elizabeth, J. Randy Taraborrelli, 2006, Wagner Books.

Giveaways, Air Canada and M&S, 2019

Plastic puzzle for children on Air Canada

Miniature plastic and cardboard prawn sandwich

Miniature plastic petit pois bag 

Miniature plastic cheesy pizza

Miniature cardboard steak pie box

Miniature plastic Cornish cheddar cheese package

Miniature plastic seedless easy peelers bag

Men’s Health Loves Cars

This article in Men’s Health encouraging people to go for long, aimless, “stress-busting” drives alone was published on April 18, 2015. Written by two men in the first person, the author impulsively decided to take a 170 mile drive to a state park, and rhapsodized about the exhilarating restorative quality of releasing 0.14 metric tons of CO2e into the atmosphere (340 miles round-trip in an Audi S7). The year 2015 shattered temperature records. According to the Men’s Health Media Pack 2015/2016, “the editorial ethos is founded upon empowering readers to achieve success in every facet of their lives. We call this service journalism.”  Men’s Health readers, the media pack boasted, spent 1.4 billion pounds on cars in 2015. This article was accessed online in July of 2019.

Flat Earth Videos on YouTube

“The Flat Earth Theory posits that the Earth is not a globe, as you have come to know it, but is in fact a flat disc-like shape,” states the YouTube video The Flat Earth Theory Explained.  According to a recent poll, two percent of Americans (6.5 million people) are on board.

Dave Pirner Considers Dolmades

In 1995, future pick-up artist Neil Strauss interviewed the musician Dave Pirner in a hotel in Austin Texas, where the Soul Asylum front man pondered the legacy of ancient Greece.

“But look, Socrates was fucking Greek, man. I mean, what influence has that culture had on us as people now? Those wrapped-up leaves with rice in them …I mean, that shit doesn’t taste that good, but it tastes pretty good. And you kind of sit there, and you eat it, and you go, ‘All right, these motherfuckers, they ate this shit, and they made a bunch of motherfuckers drag fucking rocks up a hill to build some big old colossal thing. And they tried to create this whole society.’ And what was the food left over from that? These fucking grape leaves wrapped around rice.”

Neil Strauss, ‘Soul Asylum: A Hard Dazed Night’, Rolling Stone, June 29, 1995.

Signs of Lisbon, May 2018

Jon Hamm para Emidio Tucci and the smile that says “Thank God nobody in the States will see this.”

Greed, for lack of a better word, is good

Jardim da Estrela

You can run you can hide but you can’t escape

Everywhere you go in Lisboa, there He is. Cristiano Ronaldo: o melhor jogador de futebol do mundo

Jesus Christ and the Lord