The Great She Elephant from Across the Big Water

queen-victoriaAccording to Kitty Kelley’s The Royals, Queen Victoria was known in Africa as The Great She Elephant from Across the Big Water. It is amusing to rechristen London landmarks with her African sobriquet: Let’s meet on the Mall at The Great She Elephant from Across the Big Water Memorial. We took The Great She Elephant from Across the Big Water line to Brixton. Have you seen the Botticelli exhibition at The Great She Elephant from Across the Big Water and Albert Museum?

The Soviet Ambassador Comments on Reagan’s Interview with ABC, 1985

reagan“25 September 1985

In his recent appearances, the head of the White House has frequently falsified quotes that he attributed to V.I. Lenin. For example, during Reagan’s interview with ABC on September 18, 1985 the president of the U.S.A. acknowledged that ‘he often quotes Lenin’s statements,’ which allegedly speak of seizing Eastern Europe, organizing East Asian hordes, taking over Latin America and the United States. Grossly distorting the history and politics of the Soviet State, the American president attempted and continues to cast a shadow on the external and internal politics of the Soviet state. As is known, there are no such statements by V.I. Lenin.

This is not the first time that such allegations have been made. Such a practice is unacceptable in relations between countries. It creates justifiable indignation in the Soviet Union, as an insult to the Soviet people, a premeditated distortion of the Soviet state.

The Soviet Union demands the American side end such practices which are incompatible with normal relations between countries.

[signature illegible]”

Revelations from the Russian Archives: Documents in English translation, edited by Diane P. Koenker and Ronald D. Bachman, Library of Congress, Washington, 1997.

Hear Jan Brewer Talk Dirty!

screenshot-2148In 1990, future Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was a state senator who introduced legislation to require labeling of albums with offensive lyrics. “Donny Osmond, who was trying to toughen his image at the time, flew in from Utah to testify against the bill,” Brewer recalled in her memoirs, Scorpions for Breakfast. “He arrived at the committee hearing wearing a black leather jacket and black pants.” When the legislation was pending, Brewer was the victim of a hoax.

“A writer from a small weekly publication in Phoenix began calling me, posing as Doug MacEachern, who was then a reporter from the Arizona Republic and today is one of their editorial writers. Under the pretext of talking about the bill, this ‘reporter’ encouraged me to recite some of the offensive lyrics we were complaining about. I should have known better, I guess. But I was not then, and am not now, a distrustful person, and I believed in the cause of safeguarding our kids from this garbage. So I recited the lyrics–including the four-letter words and all of the awful, misogynistic things that were polluting our children’s minds. The deceitful reporter had secretly recorded our phone conversations, and a couple of days later he showed up at the State Capitol with an 800-watt sound system on a flatbed truck with signs proclaiming, HEAR JAN BREWER TALK DIRTY! He then blared over the loudspeakers all the four-letter words and horrible lyrics I had read to him. Everyone at the Capitol heard me repeating these lyrics over and over again. It was embarrassing for me, but it was even more embarrassing to to the profession of journalism. Classes on journalism started using it as an example of bad, unethical journalism– a wonderful example of why journalists rank below members of Congress in American public opinion surveys.”

Governor Jan Brewer, Scorpions for Breakfast: My Fight Against Special Interests, Liberal Media, and Cynical Politicos to Secure America’s Border, Broadside Books, 2011.

Donald Trump Announces his Presidential Run


“Hi there—

We are working helping one of are [sic] associates out at Gotham GR – with a big event happening on TUESDAY 6/16/15.

This is an event in support of Donald Trump and an upcoming exciting announcement he will be making at this event.

This event is called ‘People for a Stronger America.’ The entire group is a pro-small business group that is dedicated to encouraging Donald Trump and his latest ventures. This event will be televised.

We are looking to cast people for the event to wear t-shirts and carry signs and help cheer him in support of his announcement.

We understand this is not a traditional ‘background job,’ but we believe acting comes in all forms and this is inclusive of that school of thought.

This event is happening LIVE and will be from 8:45AM-11:30AM. LESS THAN 3 HOURS

This will take place inside / interior.

The rate for this is: $50 CASH at the end of the event.

We would love to book you if you are interested and still available.

Please let us know and we will get back to you with confirmation.”

It takes hard work to make a good leisure suit

screenshot-2141“As comfortable as you are in your Jaymar coordinated outfit, you may not be aware that you’re wearing a veritable work of art. From collar to cuff, there’s hardly a quality touch that we know about that we don’t include.

The lining of the jacket, your shirt, and that reversible belt look like they’re made of the very same fabric. Because they are. And that takes some hard planning.

Your jacket feels so good because its tailored like a sportcoat, not like a heavy shirt. And that great styling that looks up-to-date today will still look up-to-date years from now. And that’s not easy, either.

We won’t even mention all the countless other details that make a Jaymar leisure suit or coordinated outfit what it is. We’ll just get back to work. Because you’re sure to want another one.”

Jaymar-Ruby, Inc. Michigan City, Indiana.

Vladimir Putin’s Conscious Uncoupling


In 2014, the actress and lifestyle blogger Gwyneth Paltrow announced her divorce from the musician Chris Martin with a post headlined “Conscious Uncoupling.”

“When I was announcing my husband and I were separating and we were trying to follow this specific way of doing it, and the philosophy is conscious uncoupling, and we like broke the fucking internet,” she said at the Fast Company Innovation Festival, later adding, “I honestly think Chris and I have contributed something positive to the culture of divorce.”

But it had been one whole year earlier when the Russian president– so popular at home he had been the subject of a recent art exhibition entitled Putin: The Most Kind-Hearted Man in the World— and his wife Lyudmila emerged from a performance of the ballet La Esmeralda. A journalist from Rossiya 24 asked them, “You so rarely appear together, and there are rumours that you do not live together. Is that so?”

“It’s true,” replied Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, “All of my activity, my work, is public, absolutely public. Some like it. Others do not. Some are absolutely incompatible with it.”

“That was really our joint decision,” added Lyudmila Aleksandrovna, “Our marriage is over because practically we don’t see each other. Vladimir Vladimorivich is absolutely concentrated on his work, our children are grown up… And I don’t like publicity and flying is difficult, and practically we don’t see each other.”

“And we will remain always very close to each other,” Putin said, referring to their children, “And to Lyudmila Aleksandrovna,”


“We have very good relations and I am very grateful to Vladimir Vladimrovich for his continued support,” said Lyudmila Aleksandrovna, a statement later echoed by Paltrow with her assertion that, “To this day, Chris would take a bullet for me.”

“I am afraid to say this word, ‘divorce,'” said the correspondent from Rossiya 24.

“Yes,” Lyudmila answered, “This is a civilized divorce.”


First Ladies on First Ladies


“Colonel Corpone and his Little Porkchop.”
Jacqueline Kennedy on the Johnsons

“I feel strangely free. No shadow walks beside me down the hall of the White House.”
Lady Bird Johnson reacts to Jacqueline Kennedy’s marriage to Aristotle Onassis

“I never got to know her very well. Our lives just took different tracks.”
Nancy Reagan on Barbara Bush

“Betty parades her alcoholism like a Medal of Honor. Why is she overcoming the problem when she shouldn’t have it in the first place?”
Nancy Reagan on Betty Ford

“All she cared about was the closets. Closets. Closets. Closets.”
Rosalynn Carter on Nancy Reagan’s White House tour

“I think she would rather make a positive impact on the country. And I’m not criticizing Mrs. Clinton. But it’s like oil and water. We’re talking about two different subjects. They’re two different people. I think Laura thinks of others.”
Barbara Bush on her daughter-in-law

Photo by Barbara Kinney, The White House