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“‘Bookworms’ will have their monthly meeting tomorrow at 12:45 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Dan Kentro, 604 Cypress Dr.

Mrs. C.F. Blackler will be leading the group in the study of ‘Gazella’ by Stuart Cloete.

The occasion will also be a desert luncheon.”

Prescott Evening Courier, page 4, March 9, 1959

A Birthday Message to Ramzan Kadyrov

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Held ostensibly to commemorate the opening of a business center, Grozny City Day was also a crafty celebration of  Ramzan Kadyrov’s thirty-fifth birthday. The Head of the Chechen Republic enlisted Hilary Swank, Jean-Claude van Damme, Seal, and violinist cum Olympic racer Vanessa-Mae for his special day.

Screenshot (808)“I deeply regret attending this event,” Swank later stated, following criticism from human rights groups. “If I had a full understanding of what this event was apparently intended to be, I would never have gone.”

Her spokesperson said Swank’s fees would be donated to various charitable organizations, while the singer Seal was unapologetic on Twitter.  “By going there I played MUSIC for the Chechenyan [sic] people. I’m a MUSICIAN and would appreciate if you leave me out of your politics.”

Screenshot (809)“You are a hypocrite!” he scolded a blogger from New Jersey who had called him a “coward & a joke.” “You sit there under your umbrella and democracy and never once stop to think how it keeps you dry!” 

Hilary Swank: “It is so wonderful to be here tonight, thank you so much for inviting me to your beautiful city.

I got the opportunity to take a tour of the city today, and I’m always taken by the passion to make peace, and to make something beautiful, and I could feel the spirit of the people. Everyone felt so happy, it was nice to be around.

Screenshot (822)I was told that a company called Bora in Turkey had done a lot of the work, the construction here. And I pay a lot of attention to details, and they did a fantastic job, so congratulations to them.

This is my first time in Grozny. I love to travel, I love to see the world, I love to see different cultures, so really, truly, for me, this is a great honour, to learn more about your country and what you’re building.

And I hope someday, when you get your opera house built, maybe I’ll have a film premiere here. I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful.

And happy birthday Mr. President.  Thank you again very much.

Screenshot (815)Translator: How do you know?

Hilary Swank:  I read, I do my research. And I saw all the people so dressed up so beautifully today,  I said, ‘Wow, they really do it up here, they’re even more formal and beautiful than the people in New York City,’ and they said…I thought, ‘Wow, are they going to a premier?’ Again, thank you so much for having me.”

Hilary Swank, October 5 2011, at the Grozny City Day celebrations.

According to repeated nationwide surveys, More Doctors Smoke CAMELS than any other cigarette!


Doctors in every branch of medicine were asked, “What brand of cigarette do you smoke?” The brand named most was Camel!

You’ll enjoy camels for the same reason so many doctors enjoy them. Camels have cool, cool mildness, pack after pack, and a flavor unmatched by any other cigarette.

Make this sensible test: Smoke only Camels for 30 days and see how well Camels please your taste, how well they suit your throat as your steady smoke. You’ll see how enjoyable a cigarette can be!


Maureen O’Hara says: “I pick Camels. They agree with my throat and taste wonderful!”

Dick Haymes states: “I get more pleasure from Camels than from any other brand!”

Ralph Bellamy reports: “Camels suit my taste and throat. I’ve smoked ’em for years!”

Donald Trump’s Deal for President Obama

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In October of 2012,  real estate developer, television personality, and Trump University chairman and founder Donald Trump promised a “bordering on gigantic” announcement which might derail Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. Two days later, he issued a challenge on YouTube.  At some points he addressed the president directly, like a villain in a James Bond film who’d commandeered the airwaves. 

Screenshot (874)“President Obama is the least transparent president in the history of this country. There’s never been anything like it. We know very little about our president. I’m very honoured to have gotten him to release his long-form birth certificate–or whatever it may be. Now, many, many people have questions, and very serious questions. I have a deal for the president. A deal that I don’t believe he can refuse, and I hope he doesn’t.

If Barack Obama opens up and gives, his college records and applications and if he gives his passport applications and records, I will give, to a charity of his choice; inner city children in Chicago, American cancer society, AIDS research– anything he wants–a cheque, immediately, for five million dollars. The cheque will be given, within one hour, after he releases all of the records, so stated. He’ll be doing a great service for the country if he does this. If he releases these records, it will end the question, and indeed the anger, of many Americans.  They’ll know something about their president. Their president will become transparent. Like other presidents.

Screenshot (876)

So, all he has to do to get five million dollars, for a charity or charities of his choice, is get his colleges’ to immediately give his applications and records. And also: to release his passport records. When he does that to my satisfaction, if it’s complete, this cheque is delivered immediately. A lot of people will be very, very happy to see this happen. Frankly, it’s a cheque that I very much want to write. I absolutely would be the most happy of all if I did in fact make this contribution through the president to these charities. One caveat: the records must be given by October 31st, at five o’clock in the afternoon.

Mr. President, not only will I be happy and, by the way, totally satisfied, but the American people will be happy. And you know what? Those charities will be really, really happy. Thank you Mr. President.”

Donald Trump, YouTube address, October 24, 2012

At the Gargoyle with Dylan Thomas and Guy Burgess

Guy Burgess

‘Philby: The Spy Who Betrayed a Generation was published before Anthony Blunt and John Cairncross were exposed as double agents by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  The book focused on the three defectors, Kim Philby, Guy Burgess, and Donald Maclean, and included an anecdote about a night Burgess spent at the Gargoyle club with the poet Dylan Thomas, 

“[Brian] Howard’s work for MI 5 was supposed to be selecting potential fascist sympathizers among his upper-class acquaintances, an assignment which he interpreted as a licence to blackmail his many enemies. Another of his night-club evenings with Guy Burgess provides perhaps as perfect a vignette of the period as one could ask for. The details are supplied by Mrs Marie-Jacqueline Lancaster, who was then working in the War Office. She found herself at a table in the Gargoyle with Burgess, Howard and Dylan Thomas.

Mrs. Lancaster was wearing leg-paint, because stockings were in short supply. Thomas, gargantuanly drunk, insisted on licking the paint off ‘in time to the music of the rather old-fashioned band the Gargoyle affected.’ When the band ended the evening with a limping version of the National Anthem, Burgess refused to stand up (not, as it happened, out of ideology but because he had lumbago and was very drunk). In an unexpected fit of patriotism Thomas, applauded by Howard, leant across the table and knocked Guy out.”

Philby The Spy Who Betrayed a Generation, Bruce Page, David Leitch and Phillip Knightley, Andre Deutsch Lts., 1968.

Alexander the Great Stops at Ilium


“Then, going up to Ilium, he sacrificed to Athena and poured libations to the heroes. Furthermore, the gravestone of Achilles he anointed with oil, ran a race by it with his companions, naked, as is the custom, and then crowned it with garlands, pronouncing the hero happy in having, while he lived, a faithful friend, and after death, a great herald of hsi fame. As he was going about and viewing the sights of the city,someone asked him if he wished to see the lyre of Paris. ‘For that lye,’ said Alexander, ‘I care very little; but would gladly see that of Achilles, to which he used to sing the glorious deeds of brave men.'”

Alexander, Plutarch

Photograph: PHGCOM

Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford’s Advertisement

PeopleThe actor Richard Gere and his model wife Cindy Crawford spent $30,000 on a full-page advertisement in
The Times of London. It was a most strange and extraordinary proclamation, which culminated in a list of the “difficult causes” they supported: “AIDS research and treatment, Tibetan independence, cultural and tribal survival, international human rights, gay and lesbian rights, ecology, leukemia research and treatment, democracy movements, disarmament and nonviolence.” 

“We got married because we love each other and we decided to make a life together. We are heterosexual and monogamous and take our commitment to each other very seriously. There is not and never has been a prenuptial agreement of any kind. Reports of a divorce are totally false. There are no plans, nor have there ever been any plans for divorce. We remain very married. We both look forward to having a family. Marriage is hard enough without all this negative speculation. Thoughts and words are very powerful, so please be responsible, truthful and kind.”

May 6, 1994 advertisement, The Times of London

Faul McCartney

Paul McCartney“Some years ago, I came across some evidence that Paul McCartney had been ‘replaced’ by a ‘double’ some time in 1966. Paul was replaced by ‘Faul’. This is, again, one of those stories which people can snort with laughter at, as it just seems unbelievable for so many reasons. A close member of my family who, like me, is a fan of the Beatles found it very difficult (impossible even) to entertain the notion that McCartney could have been replaced. Who can blame him – watching things like ‘Anthology’ or any of the numerous Beatles-related documentaries and interviews makes is hard to believe that ‘Faul’ could have the memories that were really Paul’s.”
Andrew Johnson, Was Paul McCartney “Replaced” By a “Double” in 1966? CheckTheEvidence.com

“I think most fans of the early Beatles remember that Paul McCartney had very rich dark hazel colored eyes as seen in the pictures below. Now technically, it is possible for a person’s eye color to change by a minor degree, due to exposure to certain chemicals and metals, as well as film and lighting, but even if this was the case, it is unlikely it would happen to this degree and in this short a time. So what color were ‘Paul’s’ eyes after 1966? Amazingly, one of the first appearances of the ‘look-alike’ after the supposed switch features several crystal clear close-ups showing his GREEN eyes!”
James Paul McCartney (1942-1966) A tribute to The Greatest Genius of 20th century music

“To my mind, the evidence conclusively proves that Paul was replaced by a double (even if one uses the strictest burden of proof – beyond a reasonable doubt). I personally believe that the Beatles were somehow being influenced by the Tavistock Institute, which was pushing a drug agenda. The most likely scenario, in my opinion, is that Paul somehow wouldn’t ‘get w/ the program,’ wouldn’t quit, & was eliminated. There is speculation that the replacement is a William Campbell of Ontario. Dr. Henry Truby, Director of the University of Miami’s Language and Linguistics Research Laboratory, did a vocal analysis that showed there were at least 3, & possibly 6, ‘Paul’ voices.”
Faulconandsnowjob, 27-08-2008, 01:58 AM, David Icke.com