Tolstoy Begins The Kreutzer Sonata


“As so often, the story came to him by someone telling him an anecdote. He started it, laid it aside, and allowed the idea to gestate. Then followed a period of intense writing and rewriting. In this case, the anecdote came from an actor called Vasily Nikolayevich Andreyev-Burlak. He had been to see the Tolstoys on June 20, 1887, and in the after-dinner circle he described meeting a stranger in a train, who had poured out to him the story of his wife’s unfaithfulness. Tolstoy had immediately doodled with this tale and at that point thought of it as his story of ‘sexual love’. The next year, in their Moscow house, he was again in Andreyev-Burlak’s company. Tolstoy’s children put on a little concert for a gathering of friends, Andreyev-Burlak came, and Repin the painter. The children’s teacher, Yuly Lyasota, played the violin part of Beethoven’s ‘Kreutzer’ sonata, with Tolstoy’s son Sergey at the piano. It was very much part of the family repertoire and, as always, Tolstoy was moved by it. But now, for not more rational reason than the Andreyev-Burlak was present, Tolstoy came to associate it with the wronged husband in the railway carriage. He would write a monologue for Andreyev-Burlak to recite. Repin could paint the scene. It could be made to incorporate one of his unfinished short stories, The Man Who Murdered His Wife. Andreyev-Burlak could be enjoined to ‘perform’ this story as a dramatic monologue, rather like the public readings of Dickens.”

Tolstoy, A.N. Wilson, W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 1988.

Nathan Milstein plays Beethoven’s Kreutzer Sonata (1st Mov):

Dose, September 30, 1995,10:00 pm – ?


Inside the flyer:

‘i have the soul of the tree in me/ i have the light of the skies in my eyes/ oceans run in my veins/ i am soaked in nature when it rains/ and the earth’s rich energy sets me free’

San Francisco’s ‘FUNKY TEKNO TRIBE’ is a neo-mythical clan of promoters, D.J’s and partygoears that come together to celebrate life and freedom, uniting all of mother earth’s indigenous tribes. Dance as ritual celebration is the key metaphor here and the ‘FUNKY TEKNO TRIBE’ succeeds in exploring this relationship.

By combining state-of-the-art intelligent lighting, cyberorganic visuals with living tropical foliage, tribal motifs and elemental backdrops, a new world is offered– one which does not lend itself to any other place or time.

The music at this ‘FUNKY TEKNO TRIBE’ event compliments the future/primitive environment and is best characterized as a swirling mixture of progressive house, acid, trance, tribal and funky electro beats. Played by San Francisco’s Barry Weaver, D.J. Dan and special guest from Los Angeles and Bassex Records Eric Davenport. Complementing the ‘FUNKY TEKNO TRIBE’ is the much anticipated return of DOSE PRODUCTIONS resident D.J.’s Hipp-e from Denver and Czech from Vancouver, alongside Toronto’s finest.

On September 30th 1995 DOSE PRODUCTIONS Toronto invites all like minded partygoers to join in our celebration of DANCE, MUSIC, LOVE and LIFE.

Peace! : )

The living tropical foliage mentioned in the flyer didn’t fare very well. Party promoters would occasionally videotape their events, and two decades later the footage has made its way online. What’s striking now is that none of the young adults and teenagers were looking at or taking pictures with phones. It was the last generation to experience youth offline. Dose promised ‘a new world… one which does not lend itself to any other place or time,’ but it was actually the last chapter of the old one.

Edie Beale Attends President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s Inauguration

Edie B

‘The Bouviers arrived first, followed by the Lees, the Auchinclosses, then the others, the Kennedys arriving last because they had endured the cold the longest. We all reached for the hot coffee or tea, the spiced punch, the champagne, the cocktails, anything to thaw out. Then we returned to our respective clans.

I walked over to Hugh Auchincloss. He had never met me before and didn’t know me from Adam. “I know all about you,” I told him. I almost spat in his face. I told him off for Jack Bouvier’s sake, for Jackie’s father.

The Kennedys all looked very unhappy. I couldn’t understand how, having finally attained their dream, they could be so morose. They seemed hyper and mororse at the same time. I’ve never seen so much unhappiness in one room before.

I went up to Joseph P. Kennedy, the patriarch, and told him that I’d almost been engaged to his eldest son, Joe Jr. I knew Joe Jr. from a Princeton house party. He was visiting Princeton, and so was I. So I told his father that if the almost-engaged had become a reality, and if Joe Jr. had lived and gone on to become President of the United States, then I, little Edie Beale, would now be a First Lady, and not cousin Jackie. He walked away from me shaking his head.’

Edie Beale, cousin to Jacqueline Kennedy and the star of 1975’s Grey Gardens interviewed by C. David Heymann

A Woman Named Jackie, C. David Heymann, Lyle Stuart, Inc., 1989



ST-C420-21-63  22 November 1963  Presidential motorcade on Main Street at Griffin Street, Dallas, Texas. Photograph by Cecil Stoughton, White House, in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.

Date: 11/22/1963

Creator: Photograph by Cecil Stoughton, White House, in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.

Copyright: Public Domain

Wooden Stars: Innocent Gears

Image ‘My brother’s first band was called Jerks at Play. They made their racket in the basement of our Ottawa home, played a few gigs at the junior high school, traced their name in the dust on our car’s back window.

The band didn’t last long; the writing on the wall (for me at least) was when their style evolved from fun, trashy punk to terribly dark and serious metal, a transition marked by the changing of their prospective album title from Open up and Say “Fuck You” to Book of Shadows.

The album was never completed–or, I don’t believe, ever even begun. But for a bunch of 12 and 13 year olds fucking around, they were fairly talented; a number of the members went on to become actual musicians. Perhaps the most notable aspect of the band was the presence of two drummers: my brother Nick and another kid named Andrew McCormack. During JAP’s cover of Zeppelin’s “Moby Dick,” the lengthy drum solo (or duo, I suppose) was actually pretty impressive, the two trading off fills that would have shamed many an older drummer.

By the time high school came around, both Nick and Andrew had undergone another musical metamorphosis, from metalheads to full-on jazz snobs. And so a few years later, I was a bit surprised when my brother told me that Andrew had joined, “some rock band” who were in talks to sign with Sub Pop. This was the early 90s, so the prospect of an Ottawa band joining the label who introduced Nirvana to the world was a big deal. I figured they were a grunge band and thought, “well, good for him.”‘

Wooden Stars: Innocent Gears, Malcolm Fraser, Invisible Publishing, 2013

A Successor, December 31, 1999


‘I had noticed Vladimir Putin when he headed the chief control directorate of the administration and then became first deputy to Yumashev, who was responsible for work with the region. Putin appeared in the Kremlin in March of 1997. Sometimes he was left in charge, and I would have the opportunity to deal with him more frequently. Putin’s reports were a model of clarity. Unlike other deputies, who were always trying to lay out their visions of Russia and the world, Putin did not try to strike up conversations with me. Rather, it seemed that Putin tried to remove any sort of personal element from our contact. And precisely because of that, I wanted to talk to him more.’

Midnight Diaries, Boris Yeltsin, BBS Public Affairs, 2000

Old Toronto Postcards


Jarvis St., Toronto.

‘Have a look at the street your brother lives on. it is sure very pretty. supposed to be Toronto’s prettiest street.’



Yonge Street at Queen, Toronto, Canada.

‘Monday–This will be about as far inland as we will get.–Enjoying ourselves. All send regards. (illegible signature). Mr. H. G. Hartman, State Street, Lancaster, Pa, U.S.A.’


Bridle Path, High Park, Peter Pan Monument, Feeding the Water Fowl, Catfish Pond, High Park Toronto, Canada.

‘Friday, Hi Kid. I told you before I was coming up this week-end. I will be on the bus Sat for sure. maybe the train. I’ll get in there on the 11- bus I hope. I am going out to Aunt Be’s to-day! got your card to-day. See you in town. Love. Flo.  Miss Miriam Robinson, Huntsville, Ont. R.R. #1.’


King & Yonge Streets, Toronto, Canada

‘Dear Scout-Master.–We arrived here safe and are getting settled down. It is raining. Yours, (illegible signature). E. H. Mills Thamesville, Ont.

E.H. Mills Home, Thamesville, Ontario: