The people who reported their social engagements to local newspapers would have loved Facebook. Franklin’s grandson Richard Milhous Nixon would open his first law practice in La Habra in 1939.

“Mr. and Mrs. Charles Milhous entertained Sunday all. their children and grandchildren at a family dinner in honor of their son, Frank M. Milhous. Those present were Theodore Seolke and family of La Habra, Emma J. Ware and wife of Whittier, William Milhous and Wife, Frank M. Milhous and Mr. Miller of Chicago, Miss Laura McClure and Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Milhous.”

La Habra Star, Volume I, Number 21, 30 November 1916——-en–20–1–txt-txIN——–1

The Nixon Law Office Preservation, Inc.

The Nixon Law Office Preservation, Inc. was a “non profit educational corporation” dedicated to preserving Nixon’s first legal offices. The buildings were eventually razed in 1992. This touching letter to Nixon’s secretary Rosemary Wood arrived ten months before his resignation.

“October 29, 1973.
Miss Rosemary Wood
The White House
Washington, D.C.

Dear Rosemary:
It has been sometime (sic) since we have corresponded about the progress of our Nixon Law Office project.

We are about to be granted our historical status after much press coverage and additional paper work. We are determined that our committee will not give up on our efforts.

I hope you will convey to the President our sincere appreciation for his leader ship (sic) and our pride in him for the way he has faced these last few impossible months. He might like to know that in La Habra we proudly fly our beautiful new flag over the law office and continue our work to honor our great president.

I am sending a very fine article written by our committee president, Mr. George Rochester. I think president Nixon would find it most interesting.

We shall be looking forward to hearing from you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the Nixon family.

Mrs. Lois Lundberg, Trustee
Nixon Law Office Preservation, Inc.”

Kim Jong Un Motorcade Sounds

Post on Free to Use Sounds dot com: “One day while driving across the city [Hanoi] I noticed many American and North Korean flags along the streets. My curiosity piqued and thanks to Google, I discovered that Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un were having their second meeting in Hanoi. Their first historical meeting between the United States and North Korea took place in Singapore in June 2018.
Of course, the city was temporarily populated by reporters and media outlets from all over the world. It goes without saying, that I took this monumental meeting as an opportunity to record sounds!
Imagine there is a crowd of reporters trying to capture moments of theses leaders and then there’s me who only want to record audio of the crowd and police motorcade! Even reporters were curious about what I was doing! Throughout the day, several approached me and asked which station I’m from.
After I recorded the overall crowds and traffic around the Melia Hotel for several hours, I stepped away from the reporters to find a good place on the side of the road. My task was to record the sound of the motorcade and Police convoy for Kim Jong Un. After 6 pm the convoy left the hotel and I captured an amazing soundscape of the sirens from the police cars and motorbikes.
After that, I walked to the Sofitel Hotel where Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un met for dinner. Once I arrived I found probably 10 times the amount of reporters, camera teams, and observers than at the Melia Hotel.
I was able to snag great audio of the reporters, crowds, and street traffic. This was an ideal spot where I captured the street ambiance of police blocking, whistling, and using loudspeakers to communicate with one another. After the police finally blocked the road, we were all under suspense to catch a glimpse of the politicians. I could feel the energy in the air was changing and the tension increases.
While I was waiting, I just kept the recorder powered on without recording. Just with the headphones, I listened to what happening around me at that moment. It’s an incredible experience if you see it from a sound recording perspective.
In the end, Trump went in another direction and I recorded Kim Jun Un’s motorcade twice. It was still great and I’m so happy to have been there to capture this audio for you all!”

Reddit Thread Philosophy

Question: What if our consciousnesses had already been uploaded onto the hard drive and this year is just someone messing with the system?

“I have seen Conspiracy theories that our consciousness is going to be uploaded onto a hard drive through a chip in the Covid vaccine called ID 2020 but what if that had already happened in a past time?

This year seems as erratic and crazy as ever so it makes me wonder how do we know we aren’t already living in a programme controlled by the elites?

There’s so much evidence that our universe could be just a simulation as practically nothing has meaning or value, our entire existence is random and we could all just be living in a matrix.”

Posted by July 6, 2020, u/Sirgooboothe2nd


Thomas Mann Writes to Agnes E. Meyer

The Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham had a complicated relationship with her mother, Agnes Meyer. When confronted with a line at the movies, Graham wrote, her mother would go up to the box office and announce: “I am Mrs. Eugene Meyer of The Washington Postso she could jump the queue. “As the years went on, my mother seemed to have a more and more difficult time emotionally. She became increasingly engrossed in her friendships with the series of men in her life… ” One of Meyer’s most intense relationships was with Thomas Mann, who later wrote to his biographer Donald Prater that he felt, “an almost uncontrollable desire to give this woman tyrannizing me a piece of my mind.” In 1943, he did:

“I, who am agitated by everything, who need peace and quiet as I do my daily bread,  who can neither accomplish anything nor even merely live in the midst of bickering and quarrels, but instantly go to pieces–I must suffer for it, and on account of something I have had nothing to do with. I must see the shattering of a friendship which was dear to me.

It was dear to me. I understood how much I, the foreigner, possessed in having it, and I served it faithfully and with care. Serving is the very word. For years I have devoted to it more though, nervous energy, work at the desk, than to any other relationship in the world. I have let you participate as well as I know how in my inner and outer life. On your visits I have read aloud to you for hours from new work no one else has seen. I have shown the most sincere admiration for you patriotic and social activities. But nothing was right, nothing enough. In my letters there was ‘no trace’–I no longer know of what, probably of humanity. You always wanted me different from the way I am. You did not have the humor, or the respect, or the discretion, to take as I am. You wanted to educate, dominate, improve, redeem me. In vain I warned you, with all kindness and delicacy, that at the age of nearly seventy my life was too thoroughly formed and fixed. I cannot but feel that your outbreak of wrath over such a letter as my next to last is merely the eruption of profounder disappointment and embitterment taking an almost insignificant pretext to express itself.

I had wished so much– I cannot say how strongly–to give this relationship of ours a quality of balance and serenity, of calm, invulnerable cordiality. But now it has reached the crisis which probably threatened it from the first moment. Let us grant it and ourselves the tranquility which alone can restore our psychological equilibrium….

Full of good wishes for you and yours, I bid you a heartfelt farewell.”

Letters of Thomas Mann, 1889–1955 , Selected and Translated by Richard and Clara Winston, University of California Press, 1970.

Joe Exotic Describes his Music Video

“There is one way to get a message across and that is with music. Everyone loves music. It is believed that in 1997 a women in Tampa Florida killed her husband and fed him to the Tigers in order to get all of his property and money. People Magazine even did a story on it.…
Enjoy the video and share with your friends. In this world if you can sleep at night and you have enough money, you can get away with just about anything.”

YouTube post: Joe Exotic Country Music “Here Kitty Kitty” JoeExoticTV, Sept. 18, 2015.

Boris Johnson’s Proust Questionnaire


From Vanity Fair, June, 2012.
In the film Jaws when Mayor Vaughan was asked to close the beaches after a shark attack he replied, “I’m only trying to say that Amity is a summer town. We need summer dollars. Now, if the people can’t swim here, they’ll be glad to swim at the beaches of Cape Cod, the Hamptons, Long Island…” The then-Mayor Johnson also informed readers that it’s believed that Homer was an oral poet and that he’s not big on fear.

Kennedy Administration Meme

Jaques Lowe began working as John F. Kennedy’s official photographer in 1958. Lowe stored his archives in a safe at the World Trade Center. The forty-thousand negatives of the president and his family were destroyed on September 11, 2001. The above photograph is an example of a pre-Internet meme. Lowe had captioned the photograph “They’re doing a Report No.2?” JFK crossed it out and wrote “Is Jack Lowe at the White House again?” It was published in the 2003 book Remembering Jack: Intimate and Unseen Photographs of the Kennedys.

A Tweet from Gov. Greg Abbott

Posted by Texas Governor Greg Abbott on , Jan. 23, 2020. Some replies:

Kristy Swanson @KristySwansonXO 
Love this tweet! 
Donn’t blame me. I voted for the email lady @lynnfromnyc: Suppose we don’t care if we fit in? Suppose we moved here specifically to help turn it blue?
Debbie@DebbieinSoCal: I’m leaving California for Texas with a grateful heart, and a pledge to keep Texas free of socialist agendas and liberal policies. I will fly the US and Lone Star Flags in my front yard with pride!! God Bless Texas! Reply from WickedZwhite @wickedZwhite: Welcome home.
Eva Blake @DesireEvaBlake: Welcome to Texas, where more people are uninsured than any other state, where mental health services are virtually non-existent, where our biggest business is climate change driving fossil fuels, where buying guns is really important to our politicians, and where bullies “govern” Reply from D.A. @FantasyGuy216: I’m not even joking, this tweet makes me want to leave Ohio for Texas. Best state in the union. God Bless Texas, and keep it Red.