LBJ at Madame Tussaud’s

Lyndon B. Johnson (1908 – ) 36th President of the U.S.A. Portrait Model in Madame Tussaud’s Exhibition



Margaret Thatcher’s Response to Oleg Gordievsky

Reagan and Gordievsky.jpgOleg Gordievsky served as the KGB rezident and bureau chief in London from 1982 to 1985. He escaped from Moscow in the summer of 1985 after his status as an agent of the British Secret Intelligence Service was revealed. In Britain, he begged his handlers and Prime Minister to extract his family from the Soviet Union.  



7th September, 1985

Dear. Mr. Gordievsky,

I was very touched by your message and by your understanding about how difficult the decision about your family was for us. It was entirely natural to do everything possible to enable your family life to continue. But we had to face up to the reality of the kind of people with whom we are dealing and the fact that their values are very different from ours.

Our anxiety for your family remains and we shall not forget them. Having children of my own, I know the kind of thoughts and feelings which are going through your mind each and every day. But just as your concern is about them, so their concern will be for your safety and well-being.

Please do not say that life has no meaning. There is always hope. And we shall do all we can to help you through these difficult days.

Perhaps when the immediate situation has passed we may meet and talk. I am very conscious of your personal courage and your stand for freedom and democracy. I should very much like to have the benefit personally of your unique experience and your thoughts on the way we can help those who have never known the things which we in the West take for granted.

You will be very much in my thoughts and I send you my best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Margaret Thatcher”

National Archives, PREM 191647.

Photograph: Mary Anne Fackelman, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Bengers really improved my health

First wave advertising pulled no punches. Who knew a “cupful of milk-and-wheat goodness with amylase and trypsin to rest your digestion” was the cure for nervous breakdowns?

“Mrs. S. Worts of Islington, London, writes: 

‘I feel I must write to tell you about what a wonderful drink Bengers is. I have been buying it each week and found not only do I get a night’s sleep but am also free from colds this winter…

I had a nervous breakdown some time back and tried many types of tonic but this has really improved my health.’

What is so special about Bengers? 

Just this. At times when you feel too sick, too weak, too jaded or tired to face your food you can always take Bengers. It cheers you, relaxes you, and gives you all the nourishment of a good light meal, just when you most need it.”

Advertisement in Good Housekeeping (UK edition), April, 1960.

11222 DILLING Street – Studio City, California

“The beloved television home of The Brady Bunch has come to market after almost 50 years. This iconic residence is reportedly the 2nd most photographed home in the United States after the White House. Featuring perfectly preserved 1970’s d~cor, it boasts one of the largest lots in the neighborhood– over 12,500sqft. Enormous, lush backyard gardens & lawn, completely private & serene. Located on a quiet residential block, property also borders the Los Angeles River, which is a unique street-to-river orientation. Living space quote may not include Garage conversion/expansion of downstairs Family Rm added after original construction. 2 Master Suites, one up/one down plus generous entertaining spaces that flow uniformly from one to the next and to the outdoors. Gated motorcourt plus large separate garage provide parking convenience. Whether inspired by the TV family or the real life surrounding neighborhood, this residence is a perfect postcard of American 70’s style and its special culture.”

This listing courtesy of Douglas Elliman, July 2018

David Koresh’s Advertisement

David Koresh, née Vernon Wayne Howell, was the leader of the Branch Davidians cult. In the pre-YouTube era, he searched for followers by placing eye-catching advertisements in religious journals. 

“Dear Brethern in the Seventh-day Adventist Church:

I am the Son of God. You do not know Me nor My name. I have been raised up from the north and My travels are from the rising sun…

…I have been rejected in the person of my Prophets over and over. I have seven eyes and seven horns. My name is the Word of God and I ride on a white horse. I Am here on earth to give you the Seventh’s Angel’s message.

I Am the prophets; all of them. I want to invite you to My marriage supper. The invitation is in Psalms 45. Read it and confess that you don’t know Me. I Am the Word of God.

The key of David is in My hand. I only can open the prophecies of David and Solomon. I have ascended from the east with the seal of the living God. My name is Cyrus and I Am here to destroy Babylon. I have come in a way that is  contrary to your preconceived  ideas. I will reprove you for your world loving. I will scold your daughters for their nakedness and pride that they parade in my Father’s house and by My angels will strip them naked before all eyes before their foolish pride. Read Isaiah 3:13-36.

The young men will abuse My kindness. They will take My life, but I will arise and take theirs forever more.

You ministers will lament your foolishness. Your lost flock will tear you to pieces…


V.W.H. Jezreel

P.O. Box 1846
Palestine, Tex 75802”