Elizabeth Taylor Dates Larry Fortensky

Benny Reuben: “Man, we’re working in the hot sun and at about 2 p.m. a white Mercedes pulls up and we’re looking at it trying to see who it is, and, Jesus Christ if the door doesn’t open up and it’s Elizabeth Taylor. I’m thinking ‘What the hell is Elizabeth Taylor doing here?’ I’m looking for the cameras, thinking we’re on Candid Camera or something. She walks right over to Larry and plants a big one right on the kisser. And he says, ‘Elizabeth, you can’t be here without a hard hat.’ He hands her one, and she puts it on. I’m thinking, okay, this is a dream. She turns to us and says, ‘Hello boys,’ Most down-to-earth woman you’d ever want to meet. She brought doughnuts, coffee. Afterward, I said, ‘What the hell man? Why didn’t you tell me you were dating Liz Taylor?’ He said, ‘You didn’t ask.’ Like I woulda asked ‘Hey Larry, you dating Liz Taylor?’ Damnedest thing ever. She started coming round regularly after that. We’d be asking, ‘So, Larry, is Liz comin’ today?’ He’d say, ‘You call her Liz and she’ll hit  you over the head with that shovel.’ So we always called her Elizabeth. Classy lady, all around.”

Elizabeth, J. Randy Taraborrelli, 2006, Wagner Books.