Jennifer Arcuri’s Text to Boris Johnson

“Is this the price of loyalty? To be hung up on, ignored and blocked. Why would I remain silent if you can’t even speak to me, and I’ve been nothing but loyal to you?”

Text sent to Boris Johnson, read aloud by Jennifer Arcuri on the BBC’s morning show during the 2019 election campaign. 

“Why are you loyal to him?” the host Victoria Derbyshire asked, after Arcuri had read the text and participated in an hour-long ITV interview about their affair.

“Because outside of what the press are seeing right now, this man who is acting like he is as shallow as a padding [sic] pool. Outside of this personified fake puppet I see. And I don’t mean to discredit him as much as just lay out the fact that I am very upset that he could not man up and pick up the phone and call me.”

I’m not going to be ignored, Dan!