Men’s Health Loves Cars

This article in Men’s Health encouraging people to go for long, aimless, “stress-busting” drives alone was published on April 18, 2015. Written by two men in the first person, the author impulsively decided to take a 170 mile drive to a state park, and rhapsodized about the exhilarating restorative quality of releasing 0.14 metric tons of CO2e into the atmosphere (340 miles round-trip in an Audi S7). The year 2015 shattered temperature records. According to the Men’s Health Media Pack 2015/2016, “the editorial ethos is founded upon empowering readers to achieve success in every facet of their lives. We call this service journalism.”  Men’s Health readers, the media pack boasted, spent 1.4 billion pounds on cars in 2015. This article was accessed online in July of 2019.