P’Lod’s Valentine’s Day Gift to Hillary Clinton

Image result for P’Lod hillary clintonHillary Clinton’s tempestuous affair with an alien named P’Lod was a popular storyline in the late, great Weekly World News. Memorable covers included “Alien in Slammer After Fistfight with Bill… Over Hillary!”, “Hillary Clinton Adopts Alien Baby: Secret Service building special nursery in the White House!” and “My Steamy Nights with Hillary in UFO Love Nest.” The February 19, 2002 issue described the extraterrestrial’s Valentine’s Day present, “risque lingerie from P’Lod’s homeworld, a super-advanced planet many light years away.”

“Washington- U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton got an out-of-this-world Valentine’s present from her space-alien boyfriend P’Lod–a pair of racy extraterrestrial undies from his home planet.

And while the peculiar cut and purplish color may appear cheap to human eyes, on the alien’s world they are considered both tasteful and sexy.

The former First Lady reportedly blushed beet-red then laughed and hastily stuffed the gift in a drawer saying ‘They’re awesome! I guess I’ll try these on tonight,’ eyewitnesses at her senate office report.

‘Hillary tried to laugh it off as a gag gift, but you could tell the sexy underwear was a big hit with her,’ revealed an aide who took a snapshot of the scene.

‘All day, she kept opening the drawer and caressing the panties with a dreamy, far-away look in her eyes. Her husband Bill never gave her anything that intimate for Valentine’s Day– his idea of a romantic gift is a new set of kitchen knives…’

Weekly World News, February, 2002.