Mrs. Sidney Sheldon’s Amazon Review of Robert Wagner’s “Pieces of my Heart”

* Very disappointment in you RJ
By A. Sheldon on April 18, 2010
Knowing you since 1981, I was so saddened and surprised and deeply hurt about all of the fiction in your book. The part that hurt the most is what you said about my husband Sidney Sheldon. I have a copy of his original script … ‘Double Twist’ and an original copy of the ‘Hart to Hart’ script. Basically, the changes in the script are the names of the characters and adding the delightful dog, Freeway. In Sidney‘s ‘Double Twist’, the story takes place at the Golden whatever spa … just as it does in Hart to Hart … the character of Sylvia is still the same. The man going over the cliff is the same. The car chase scene between ‘Jonathan’ and ‘Jennifer’ … only in ‘Twist’ their names are ‘Alex’ and ‘Penelope’. The character of Max is called Taylor in ‘Double Twist’. The story is almost identical. For you to say it was trash and say it was about two men living together with a bed coming down in the living room is outrageous and extremely hurtful not only to me … but to Sidney‘s daughter Mary, and his two granddaughters, Elizabeth and Rebecca. Sidney had the idea of the Thin Man series in Double Twist .. I have the original script, as I said, and will gladly print it for all to see alongside the original script of Hart to Hart for everyone to see how identical they are. I thought we were friends. You have been nearly lifelong friends with my brother in law, Roderick Mann and friends with my sister Anastasia for over 30 years. You were extremely wonderful to my daughter, Kimberly, who was in 26 Hart to Harts, before she was killed by a drunk driver. Natalie and I were childhood friends and she used to parade me around at the studio and say she was my sister, since we looked so much alike. I have always had so much respect as an actor for your craft and as a friend, but for you to so unfairly demean Sidney, a man who was your friend, and who did not write what you claimed he did, and for you to put it in the spin you did in your book … which you also have so many other partial truths … which I shant go into here, out of kindness to you, since they do not deal directly with me or my family. As stated, I am angry, hurt and ashamed of you. Sidney is not on this Earth anymore to defend himself against your untruths, but as his wife … I am … Shame on you RJ … you should retitle your book ‘Pieces of the Truth’ instead of ‘Pieces of my Heart’. You have deeply offended and hurt a number of Sidney‘s friends, family and fans that do know the truth in this matter.
Most sincerely,
Mrs. Sidney Sheldon”