The Joy of Massage, by George H. W. Bush

Image resultGeorge H. W. Bush has many nicknames: Poppy, Forty-one, and–most recently–David-Cop-a-feel. The forty-first American president has never shied away from a good massage, as he recalled in in a diary he kept when he was serving as the U.S. Envoy to China, Sadly, he has yet to make good on his vow to write a book about the topic.

“Spent the last two days out of that Sheraton Waikiki madhouse and in the 4999 Kahala apartment– just lovely… Checked out the bathhouse again at the Okura. Totally relaxing. Someday I will write a book on massage I have had ranging all the way from Bobby Moore and Harry Carmen at the UN to the steam baths of Egypt and Tokyo. I must confess the Tokyo treatment is the best. Walking on the back, total use of the knees, combination of knees and oil, the back becoming a giant slope does wonders for the sacroiliac, and a little something for the morale too. Massage parlors in the U.S. have ruined the image of real massage. It is a crying shame.” (December 4, 1974).

The China Diary of George H. W. Bush: The Making of a Global President, edited by Jeffrey A. Engel, Princeton University Press, 2008.