Ramona Singer Throws a Wineglass at Kristen Taekman

On Season 6 of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City, the cast vacationed* at the Berkshires home of Heather Thomson. Over the course of the weekend, cast member Ramona Singer pretended that she thought her hostesses’ house was the garage, ordered an air conditioner to be delivered and installed, and–most famously–whipped a wineglass at Kristen Taekman’s face to retaliate for being splashed when she was sitting in a canoe.

“I reacted,” Ramona would explain ad infinitum.”I reacted. I grew up in a family of craziness and she got me wet and I just threw what I had in my hand. I didn’t have water in my hand so I threw the glass.”

Darkness Visible: Kristen splashes Ramona.

The Moment of Truth: “I just was provoked, I reacted without thinking.”

Deep Impact: The wineglass makes contact with Kristen’s lip.

The horror! The horror!

” You’ve split your lip! You’re bleeding! We have an emergency!”

“It’s just a little blood!” Ramona yelled, unrepentant. “You’ve never had a bloody lip? It’s like a bloody nose!”

The Aftermath

Kristen assesses the damage. “I was the first to defend her against the white trash comments, but what she did to me was white trash.”

“Was it the right thing to do? No. But you know what, just don’t mess with me.”

“Ramona threw a glass at my face. I don’t even have words for what she did to me, it was so bad.”

“When is that Aleve gonna set in?”

The First Apology

Ramona appeared at dinner that evening with freshly blow dried hair, determined to clear the air. Her apology began: “So I reacted to what you did. I reacted, you threw water on me.”

“You hurled water at me, I hurled what I had in my hands, I’m sorry.”

In the course of her apology, Ramona ended up screaming at Kristen again.

“So why did you throw water at me?” she demanded. “I told you, DON’T THROW WATER AT ME!”

“I had something and I went: ‘Boom,’ and it was a glass in my hand.”

“I didn’t want my hair wet,” Ramona concluded.


Back in New York, a contrite Ramona invited Kristen to tea and presented her with a bouquet of yellow roses.

“It was a fluke thing,” Ramona explained, without even once mentioning that Kristen had fired the first salvo by splashing her.

“But seriously, I am really sorry. It was the wrong thing to do, it was an impulsive reaction.”

* “No one vacations in the Berkshires,” Ramona later clarified. “No one I know. No celebrities. No one famous. Everyone goes to the Hamptons.”