It takes hard work to make a good leisure suit

screenshot-2141“As comfortable as you are in your Jaymar coordinated outfit, you may not be aware that you’re wearing a veritable work of art. From collar to cuff, there’s hardly a quality touch that we know about that we don’t include.

The lining of the jacket, your shirt, and that reversible belt look like they’re made of the very same fabric. Because they are. And that takes some hard planning.

Your jacket feels so good because its tailored like a sportcoat, not like a heavy shirt. And that great styling that looks up-to-date today will still look up-to-date years from now. And that’s not easy, either.

We won’t even mention all the countless other details that make a Jaymar leisure suit or coordinated outfit what it is. We’ll just get back to work. Because you’re sure to want another one.”

Jaymar-Ruby, Inc. Michigan City, Indiana.