First Ladies on First Ladies


“Colonel Corpone and his Little Porkchop.”
Jacqueline Kennedy on the Johnsons

“I feel strangely free. No shadow walks beside me down the hall of the White House.”
Lady Bird Johnson reacts to Jacqueline Kennedy’s marriage to Aristotle Onassis

“I never got to know her very well. Our lives just took different tracks.”
Nancy Reagan on Barbara Bush

“Betty parades her alcoholism like a Medal of Honor. Why is she overcoming the problem when she shouldn’t have it in the first place?”
Nancy Reagan on Betty Ford

“All she cared about was the closets. Closets. Closets. Closets.”
Rosalynn Carter on Nancy Reagan’s White House tour

“I think she would rather make a positive impact on the country. And I’m not criticizing Mrs. Clinton. But it’s like oil and water. We’re talking about two different subjects. They’re two different people. I think Laura thinks of others.”
Barbara Bush on her daughter-in-law

Photo by Barbara Kinney, The White House