Film and Television Character Costumes for Babies

Nikanor “Nick” Chevotarevich, The Deer Hunter 


Babies can pay tribute to Christopher Walken’s Oscar-winning performance in Michael Cimino’s searing 1978 Vietnam War drama with a simple white onesie and a rust-coloured bandanna.

Oliver Twist from Oliver! 


Mummy arrived home with a smart new outfit for baby. She showed it to Daddy, who said, “Please sir, may I have some more?” in Dick Van Dyke’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang accent. Then Daddy sang Consider Yourself in a mocking voice.

“I bought this outfit because I thought it was adorable!” cried Mummy, “Why do you have to spoil everything?”

Mummy and Daddy had the most enormous row. Daddy said “You concealed from me that you liked to read glitzy magazines in the toilet until you had me in the keep net,” and Mummy cried.

Extra from the Sex and the City episode “Anchors Away”


It’s Fleet Week, and New York City is filled with sailors and marines. “Come and get me sailors!” yelled the sassy publicist Samantha Jones. Re-capture the joie de vivre of this lighthearted episode with a sailor suit. This costume also doubles as Quartermaster Hichens from Titanic or a ring-bearer from the 1986 wedding of the Duke and Duchess of York .

Thomas Magnum, Magnum PI


Long before the drought-ridden state of California caught Tom Selleck making twelve separate runs in a water van to borrow supplies for his avocado farm, he caught criminals as the Ferrari-driving, kayaking private detective Thomas Magnum. Re-create the magic of this seminal 1980s television detective series with a Hawaiian print onesie and a Detroit tigers ball cap.