How to Write to Vladimir Putin

putin“Please read the following carefully before you send any letter addressed to the President of Russia.

  1. Please fill in the form correctly before sending an electronic message.
  2. Information on the current message status will be sent to its author’s email address indicated in the form.
  3. A reply to the appeal will be sent via ordinary mail to the mailing address indicated in the form.
  4. An electronic message is five thousand characters maximum.
  5. A message will not be accepted for consideration if:
    • it contains obscene or offensive language;
    • the text is written in Russian using the Latin alphabet, typed entirely in capital letters, or not broken down into sentences;
    • the mailing address indicated is incomplete or inaccurate;
    • the message is not addressed to the President of Russia or the Presidential Executive Office;
    • the message contains no specific claims, complaints, or suggestions.
  6. For messages related to appeals against court decisions, it is imperative to remember the following.Under the Constitution of the Russian Federation, only courts can administer public justice. The judicial authorities are independent and work separately from legislative and executive authorities. Decisions by judicial authorities can be appealed in the procedural order established by the law. Applicable legislation prohibits any intervention in administration of justice.
  7. Personal data of those sending letters by e-mail is stored and processed in accordance with the provisions of Russia’s law on personal data.”

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Photo: By, CC BY 4.0