Letters to “Vanity Fair” about the Y2K Bug,

y2k-bug“Robert Sam Anson’s article on Y2K [‘31.12.99’] was excellent. Alas, it will probably follow the course of others of its kind and settle to the bottom of the pile due to massive denial. After the fall, a whole new school of sociology will arise to study why so few did so little to abate the catastrophic flood.”
Kirby Metcalfe, Fort Worth, Texas

“Does Robert Sam Anson really expect that at the ‘instant past midnight, January 1, 2000,… prison gates [will] have swung open’? Will America’s 1.7 million-plus prisoners then walk freely into the night? Come off it!
In spite of Y2K aberrations, real or imagined, all will be secure at the Federal Detention Center and the Federal Correctional Institution in Seagoville, Texas, as I suspect it will be throughout the land. Like most prison locks, ours are designed to remain closed without electricity and human intervention.
Anson is pandering to fear frequently created by sensational media that includes such programs as Cops and America’s Most wanted. In fact, the crime rate now is the lowest it has been in 25 years. I pray for an enlightened citizenry when I’m released.”
Adam P. Smith, Seagoville, Texas

Vanity Fair Letters, March 1999.