A Yahoo Commenter’s Take on the Rio Olympics

Olympic rings
Yahoo commenter “keyvan” has some thoughts about the 2016 Rio Olympics– and Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and YAHOO DEMOCRATS. 
“Watch; Olympic diver scores zero for back flop,” August 13,2016
keyvan: “Obama must be fixing the games like he fixed the election…these leftest think they have control of your mind through their biased media…don,t fall for it…Obama and Hillary’s days are numbered…bye bye…maybe yahoo will show video of the two in prison…lets wait and see.
“Hillary Clinton’s Olympic tweet tries to jab ‘fearful’ Donald Trump,” August 12, 2016
keyvan: “boy this witch just keeps making it up as she goes along….I seen many psychopaths in my day and she takes the cake….the idea is always to turn it onthe other guy instead of focussing on the issues….see how she tries to attack trump instead of the issues….this is how you spot a psychopath….many of you reading this are psychopaths because you give it a thumbs down…if you have a healthy mind you would give it 5 thumbs up….
“Why Russia’s Olympic scandals could benefit Vladimir Putin,” 
August 10, 2016
keyvan:Putin is a genius…PUTIN AND TRUMP will make America GREAT AGAIN…and the cold war HILLARY IS TRYING TO BREW WILL SIMMER AND these two new world leaders will engage in world peace……just watch …remember where you read it first Yahoo … ;- YAHOO DEMOCRATS should start preparing for prison life….”