“I was there on D-Day” Eddie Izzard on Question Time

Screenshot (1662)Multi-hyphenate entertainer Eddie Izzard appeared on the June 9th episode of Question Time to discuss the EU referendum, alongside the MPs Hilary Benn, Chris Grayling, the Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson, and UKIP leader Nigel Farage. Izzard argued in defense of Britain staying a member of the European Union.

“If we pull out we become Norway. Norway still has to have the free movement of people in. So are we going to become Norway or are we going to become Albania, the problem is, if we become Albania the parameters of Albania, wants to join the EU. Are we going to become Canada?”

“No country has ever done this before– this is not the American model. Two and a half thousand years of murder from Alexander the Great to World War Two. Then, we said, let’s not do it again. And it’s not scaremongering because World War One was not called World War One it was called the Great War, the war to end all wars, and then there was another one, so that’s why we set up the European Union in the first place.
Whatever the name it was, we’re reaching out like this (gestures out ) and not like this (gestures in) I feel the Brexiters are all doing this (gestures in) and I’m doing this (extends arms). That’s why I’m running marathons, that’s why I’m transgender, I came out thirty-one years ago. I’m trying to be brave. I’m touring France in French, I’m touring Germany in German. These are positive things. I was there on D-Day, celebrating seventy-two years of peace and commemorating people who fell.”
David Dimblebey: And what do you say to the question Dean Onslough asked? 

David Dimblebey: Will Brexit lead to the breakup of the United Kingdom?
“Yes. Yes, I think so. Nicola Sturgeon said she wouldn’t immediately do a referendum, but just look, look. I was up there, I was campaigning, I said to the Scottish people: ‘Please don’t go.’ I got a lot of hatred for it, but I said ‘Please don’t go.’ But if they, they’re very positive on Europe, so, if there is an exit, they will work out their time and then they will leave. And Wales could do that as well. And I mean, the north of England could split up as well.
I mean, there is no logic, if you think about the logic of the direction of Brexit, I’m trying to say, we’ve got to go forward and try and make Europe work. We’ve got to stay in to try to make it work. It’s for the future of humanity.
Now exit, if you exit, you cut it down and then Scotland could well go, and then Wales might be there but then the north of England would say. There’s no, where do you go in the future? There’s no future except getting smaller in the Little Englander. The Nigel Farage Little Englander, ex-immigrant coming in. I don’t know where that goes.”(audience applauds).

Question Time, 09/06/2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1UUCDFZlBk