Anjelica Huston Dreams About Michael Jackson

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Shortly before they costarred in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1986 3D short Captain EO, Angelica Huston had a vivid dream about Michael Jackson. She wrote it down and shared it in her 2014 memoir Watch Me

“I am having an extraordinary and blissful love affair with Michael Jackson in a glittering penthouse. He is wearing a red satin suit with sequined lapels. His voice is deep until I remember it’s Michael Jackson, and then it gets breathy and high. We are levitated four feet above the ground. Then suddenly we are in long shot; we are in a sparkling desert. A herd of elephants thunders behind us. I travel in and out of my body, watching the herd advance. The elephants raise their trunks, forming a bridge over us, which becomes a tunnel. Michael and I float into the vortex, ecstatic.”

Watch Me, Anjelica Huston, Simon & Schuster, 2014.