TOP SECRET Memo to J. Edgar Hoover

HooverUnder the leadership of J. Edgar Hoover, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was, among other things, a blackmailing organization. “You may be interested in the following information furnished by a local prostitute” was a characteristic beginning for a salacious memo to the director. A report on August 8. 1958 on a Member of Congress was typical:

” [redacted] wife is the secretary to Congressman [redacted] stated that [redacted] prior to marrying the Congressman, was employed in [redacted] at which time she was having an affair with a Negro named [redacted]. She had also at one time carried on an affair with a House of Post Office employee named [redacted] and after marrying the Congressman, continued this association. During the Congressman’s recent illness, [redacted] insisted that he have a male nurse and contacted the Indonesian Embassy to employ a man who she stated had been very highly recommended to her. She endeavored to have an affair with this Indonesian who declined, stating that he is a foreigner and could be deported for misconduct.”