Prince Charles’ Memos to Staff

Screenshot (1250)Prince Charles is a prolific letter writer. The memos and letters he sent to government ministers were the subject of a five year legal battle after a Guardian journalist made an application to see them under British Freedom of Information legislation. “Prince Charles wrote everything down,” his former butler Paul Burrell recalled in his memoir A Royal Duty. “Memos rained like confetti at Highgrove.” Among the examples in Burrell’s book:

Did someone pick up the seeds for the garden?

Is there a bottle bank in Tetbury?

Can you get someone to look at my telephone?

Could the china dish be mended, please?

I never want to see that paper [the Sunday Times] in this house again! As for the tabloids, I don’t want to see any of them either. If anyone wants them, they will have to find them for themselves–and that includes Her Royal Highness!

A letter from the Queen must have fallen by accident into the newspaper basket beside the table in the library. Please look for it.