WANTED: Donald D. Maclean, Guy Francis de Moncy Burgess

Donald M Guy Burgess

Donald D. Maclean
Date of birth: 25 May 1913
Home: Beaconshaw Tatsfield, Kent. England
PP. Nr. Br. C 36575, Issued in Rome, 20 July 1949
6’3, normal built, short hair, brushed back, part on left side, slight stoop, thin tight lips, long thin legs, sloppy dressed, chain smoker, heavy drinker.

Guy Francis de Moncy Burgess
Date of birth: 6 April, 1911
Home: Unknown
PP. Nr. 1674592, Issued in London, 20 July 1950
5’9, slender built, dark complexions, dark curly hair, tinged with gray, chubby face, clean shaven, slightly Pidgeon toed.

Call in case apprehended:
Vohenstrauss 112
Munich Civ. 481688
Munich Military 7401
Herford 2297
Herford 2172

Maybe using forged pass-ports