André “the Giant” Roussimoff Rides with Samuel Beckett

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“I’ll tell you an interesting story about André, you know that he couldn’t fit on the school bus on the way to school, he told me this. So he had to be driven in a car to school every morning, and his parents couldn’t afford one. But his neighbour had a big car. And his neighbour used to drive him to school every day. And I said: ‘Oh really,’ and he said: ‘Oh yes, he was a very nice man…. Yes, yes, you may have heard of him, I don’t know.’ I said, ‘Really what’s his name?’ he goes, ‘Samuel Beckett.’ Samuel Beckett used to drive him to school! I mean, Waiting for Andre. There’s a play there.”

Cary Elwes DVD Extra, The Princess Bride Diary