Hugh Grant Wears his Arrest Shirt in “Nine Months”

Screenshot (1232)

On the eve of the premiere of his 1995 romantic comedy Nine Months, the actor Hugh Grant was arrested and charged with indecent conduct. “The other night I was thinking: ‘I wonder if he ever thinks about that night.'” mused his co-arrestee, the prostitute Divine Brown, “I know he loved it.”

Screenshot (1233)“Back then a film star getting caught with a hooker was a big deal,” Benjamin Svetkey recalled in The Independent. “Newspapers and television networks on both sides of the Atlantic covered it as if it were the fall of the Berlin Wall.” Grant’s sheepish mugshot was republished thousands of times. BK445481306-06-27-95, Los Angeles Police: HWD, was an instant classic, a mainstay of celebrity mugshot compilations. In a brief scene in Nine Months when Jeff Goldblum teaches Grant how to roller blade, observant viewers recognized the striped, short-sleeved shirt the actor was wearing when he was arrested

Hugh Grant mugshot“What happens to the clothes/accessories that actors and actresses wear for a movie?” the Duchesse of Cookieshire wondered on Yahoo! Answers. In this case, we have an answer.