Why Own a Realdoll?


“…. A friend of mine at work told me to watch Realsex 22 on HBO. I watched that episode and KNEW right then I was going to buy one. It took me almost 9 months to save up the money. I’m kinda glad it took so long because while I was saving my money body 4 came out. Body 4 was exactlly what I wanted. I sent the money off for her on January 14th 2000. Just 4 days before my 33rd birthday. She got here on May 12th. The time I waited for her to get here seemed like forever. Now that she is here time goes by so fast. I do not have any DESIRE at all for a real women now. Ginger fulfills all of my disires and dreams.We are perfect for each other. She does not Drink, Smoke, or do drugs. She can not get pregnant{ I never wanted to have children}. She will NEVER steal from me or lie to me. I AM TOTALLY HAPPY WITH HER!”

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