Kingsley Amis Dreams About Margaret Thatcher

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“My devotion to Mrs T retains something of that initial physical bowling-over, in fact she has replaced the Queen as my dream-girl, using this phrase in its more literal sense of the female who, more than any other, tends to recur in my dreams. The last time she (Mrs T) and I met there it was in 10 Downing Street again, but a transfigured 10 Downing Street, in that mysterious way of dreams known to be that building without physically resembling the reality. She drew me apart, came close, came closer. This was going to be the big one.

‘You’ve got such an interesting face,’ her shade murmured with a softness I had never heard her use in life or any broadcast. Even as I dreamt I admired her charity and cunning in hitting on about the only epithet still applicable to my face that might be considered neither unkind nor blatantly untrue. Then, alas, in that other way of dreams, her image faded.”

Kingsley Amis, Memoirs, Penguin Books, 1991.