Martin Kippenberger Selects Franz Marc’s Horses

Horse in a landscape

Martin Kippenberger: “My parents always took us five children into the Folkwang Museum in Essen. My father would start a competition among us to find the best picture in the place. The winner would get one Deutsch-Mark from him. Naturally we always picked out the picture we thought he would like best, not the one that would have been important to us. We were influenced in this choice by what hung in our own living room, which meant it didn’t take us long for us to choose Franz Marc’s horses. In the end each of us got one Deutsch-Mark. This didn’t exactly help us to think freely. Father just wanted to feel he was right. And he paid his own children for that by using the side alley of art. And we gave him what we wanted. But I saw through this immediately. That’s the way our general understanding of art functions today. Don’t open anything up. Go to a museum and think yourself free?! Ridiculous. The pictures just can’t accomplish this.”

Martin Kippenberger Ten years after, Angelika Muthesius, Hrsg./ Ed. Taschen, Taschen, 1991. 

Franz Marc, Horse In Landscape, 1910