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“The Manila Times called the distribution of American arms to mountain tribesmen in South Viet Nam was (sic) ‘disturbing.’

‘While it is presumed that the U.S. forces in Vietnam know what they are doing, still the possibility of having overestimated the dependability of mountain tribesmen is disturbing. It is not that these men are lacking in fighting qualities but that under pressure or because of Communist propaganda, they might one day yield their weapons to the enemy– even use them against the government.’

The paper recalled the use made of American arms by the Communist Huks in the Phillipines. The arms were given to the Huks so they could oppose the Japanese…

…Communist China’s Pelping People’s Daily, seen in Tokyo, said the United States must be forced out of South Viet Nam and Southeast Asia. It commented:

‘We are deeply convinced U.S. imperialism can never put down the Vietnamese people’s patriotic and just struggle no matter what barbarous and cunning means it may employ. No difficulties can prevent the Vietnamese people from realizing their aspiration for kicking out the U.S. aggressors and reunifying the country peacefully.'”

‘What They Say About Us: World Press Hails Telstar,’ Eugene Register-Guard, July 22, 1962.