Conspiracy Theory: Big Ben

Big BenThe comments section of The Independent can be a lively place. “Have you thought about getting some help?” a poster named Steve Ottevanger asked Carl after he outlined his theory of the MI5’s plans for the destruction of Big Ben. Carl remained unmoved.  ‘Hi Steve,’ he replied. ‘Clearly you are very under informed and out of touch. Have you heard of Google? lol.” 

“I am going to stick my neck out and make some predictions. MI6/MI5 will roll out a sham terror attack in the UK before the General Election. It will be in several locations. The police have already got the MSM to curtail their coverage. So when this goes down, you can look forward to hours of BBC lies…’We believe,’ ‘We have been told,’ and several hours later the messages will change. These attacks could be used to delay the General Election and this could give the Tories a 5 point advantage. But this is not the reason for pulling off this false flag attack. No, the real reason is that they believe they can pull it off. We can do it, so we will do it. London looks the most likely, but expect another UK location[s]. Me and my team have calculated one HOT TARGET so far. It ticks all the boxes and will actually save the country BILIONS and BILLIONS in spending. The Houses of Parliament are falling down. I heard one MSM source say they need to spend £50 billion to save it. The Queen Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) is leaning as well. In simple terms, bankrupt Britain can`t afford the fix. So a few well located bombs and a couple of fires could save the country a fortune and it is quite fitting at a time when Britain has ceased to be a democracy. Out with the old and in with the new. While we believe these events will transpire before the GE (90%), there is a chance it will happen post GE. We are already in a police state. but such events will bring this to the fore so that no one will be blinkered to the reality of fascist feudal police state Britain.”

Carl Jones, comment section of The Independent, February 28, 2015
Photo: Diego Delso