The Hackney Helicopter: Selected Tweets

Screenshot (954)

Residents of Hackney are accustomed to a Metropolitan Police helicopter hovering over their borough. @MPinthesky even has a friendly Twitter account, with a voice reminiscent of the Duchess of York’s Budgie the Little Helicopter. Sometimes poetic (“As the last tendrils of morning mist relinquish their reluctant hold of the trees, ‘B’ relief wishes you all a crisp & frosty good morning”), @MPinthesky is actually three Eurocopter EC145 helicopters equipped with thermal image sensors and cameras, tactical radios, and a harness so officers can lean out to take photographs. 

February 17, 2015, campbell_wigs: “Noisy scary beast chilling outside my window #helicopter #hackney #shoo.”

February 17, 2015, Ellis Cresswell: “Can someone tell the helicopter above London Fields to be quiet? #Hackney #London #noise #annoying.”

January 29, 2015, Hackney East London Tours: “Apache helicopter seen over Hackney: Boris fretting that new water cannon still might not be enough in a London riot? ”

November 20, 2014, Gembles: “another helicopter flying around hackney, story of my life!”

September 6, 2014, Hayley Campbell: “Can someone tell the helicopter over Hackney that I have a headache and am trying to have a lie down, please.”

May 20, 2014, David Ames: “Oh goody…the fox f*cking stops and the Hackney helicopter starts whirring overhead instead. Just find them and drop an anvil on them, FFS!”

April 25, 2014, Louisa Gummer: “Helicopter flying noisily over Hackney – it’s 1am – go to bed!!!”

September 10, 2013, JoCaird: “Ah, the Hackney helicopter. A charming reminder that somewhere nearby, someone has committed a crime serious enough to require air support.”

 April 15, 2013, JoCaird: “The Hackney bedtime helicopter (as my friend describes it to his little boy) has arrived early tonight. The joy of urban living.”