“But I don’t feel that way about you, Boss!”

Screenshot (944)

GIRL: “Look, Boss, I don’t think you’re really mean because you want me to re-type those letters–but you’re certainly shortsighted!”

BOSS: “Let us say I just can’t re-read those carbon copies of yours because they’re so grubby and blurred!”

GIRL: “But that’s what I mean! Now, if you’d buy me some Roytype Park Avenue Carbon Paper– all your carbons would look like this:

Screenshot (945)

GIRL: “And don’t think I can’t spell ‘neat’ either. It’s spelled wrong here just to show you how a Roytype copy takes crasures!”

BOSS: “You’ve convinced me of Roytype’s magic! So order Roytype Park Avenue Carbon Paper for the office right away!”

GIRL: “Gosh, Boss, if you’d really like to cement our office ties, just let me add Roytype Typewriter Ribbons to that order. Roytype Ribbons are made with a special process that permits the ink to flow through the fabric into the used parts. This very reliable original was typed with Roytype Ribbon.”

BOSS: “Okay, okay. What’s a secretary without a proper attitude toward her boss?”

See your Royal Representative or Roytype Dealer today. Buy on the Coupon Plan and save money. Roytype Ribbons and Carbon Paper made by the Royal Typewriter Company, 2 Park Avenue, New York 16, N.Y.

Advertisement, LIFE, February 26, 1945.