“This is the crew of the record-breaking Clipper ‘Golden Gate’ which last Thursday set a new commercial speed record from Honolulu to San Francisco of 6 hours and 20 minutes. Captain Ed Hausafus, left, said his average speed for the more than 2400 miles was 397 m.p.h.  He reported unusual tailwinds of up to 210 m.p.h. and said that he flew at altitudes up to 23,000 feet. Others in the record-smashing crew are, left to right, Earl Schultheiss, first officer; Frank Moses, 2nd officer and navigator;  Edward Beer, engineering officer; Molly Mercer, stewardess; Doris Woods, stewardess and Gene Crosthwaite, purser. Meteorology reported the most intense prevailing westerly winds in the past five years are now blowing along that route. Only the day before another Clipper ‘Sovereign of the Skies’ Skipper Captain Lloyd Hunt bettered the then existing record by one minute scoring 6 hours, 33 minutes, averaging 371 m.p.h. up to 23,000 feet with 23 passengers aboard.”

January 15, 1953, via: The Virtual Pan Am Museum: