Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Mininson’s Sheltered Honeymoon

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“The stunt might have been called ‘fallout can be fun.’ At the behest of a Miami bomb shelter builder, newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Mininson this month subjected their budding marriage to the strain of 14 days (the crucial period of fallout danger) of unbroken togetherness in a 22-ton, steel and concrete 18X24 foot shelter 12 feet underground. When they emerged last week the Mininsons were in fine spirits and the stunt had produced some useful evidence on underground survival.

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In the shelter the Mininsons had been hot and dusty but they did not suffer from claustrophobia until near the end. They found they could do without their fresh-air blower for six hours at a time without suffering ill effects. This could provide an important margin of of safety in a real emergency. They wished they had taken a better variety of foods and more tools to fix little things that went wrong. These inconveniences of their confinement behind them, the Mininsons were now looking forward to two more weeks together, above ground in Mexico, on a holiday paid for by the grateful shelter builder.”

“Their Sheltered Honeymoon,” LIFE, 10 August, 1959.