According to repeated nationwide surveys, More Doctors Smoke CAMELS than any other cigarette!


Doctors in every branch of medicine were asked, “What brand of cigarette do you smoke?” The brand named most was Camel!

You’ll enjoy camels for the same reason so many doctors enjoy them. Camels have cool, cool mildness, pack after pack, and a flavor unmatched by any other cigarette.

Make this sensible test: Smoke only Camels for 30 days and see how well Camels please your taste, how well they suit your throat as your steady smoke. You’ll see how enjoyable a cigarette can be!


Maureen O’Hara says: “I pick Camels. They agree with my throat and taste wonderful!”

Dick Haymes states: “I get more pleasure from Camels than from any other brand!”

Ralph Bellamy reports: “Camels suit my taste and throat. I’ve smoked ’em for years!”