Hello Shannen

ImageFrom Yahoo Answers, Saturday, June 30, 2007:

Hello to all you do scrittoda me a text in English, but I’m not sure if it is correct! help me translating:

“Hello Shannen, as I waited for this moment. You for me know, you mean beauty, force, and determination. Charmed to me appealed to just why you were. I have seen all the seasons of Charmed but only before, the second one and third has been for me fantastic. It is true that also the other protagonists were good, but I preferred you and you do not know as me he is sorry when to the beginning of the fourth season I have seen the funeral of Prue Halliwell you do not know as they are felt to me. I come from Italy and here Charmed is much famous one. It would make it appeal to me if some time you would come in Italy. Lately I have seen your new program: Breaking up with Shannen Doherty. But you must say one to me what; I have read in an interview that you have left Charmed because you did not want more to make part of a television film of adolescents and I wanted to know if it is true or if you have said it because you did not want to say the true reason. I have read also that you did not go in agreement with Alyssa Milano. But Shannen you must say one to me what that I waited for from much time; you could say the perfect one to me pronounces of your name, because many say several pronounces. I would be the happy boy more of the world if you would make an autograph me with my name: Stefano, even on one your photo. You I pray Shannen you answer to my letter. Hello and many good things. If on the letter you will find an other name not to worry to you, but if you will make me the autograph you write Stefano. You are my preferred actress. Hello Shannen.”