The Joker in the Pack: Selected Comments from the “Mail Online”

Trooping the Colour

Selected readers’ comments under the Mail Online story, “The joker in the pack! Prince Harry keeps Kate laughing as Royal Family gather to salute the Queen at Trooping the Colour parade.”

Ron, Munich, Germany, 14/06/14:  “Harry is genuinely good looking. But needs to colour his hair few shades darker.”

thommo, solihull, 14/06/14:  “they’ve got into the dressing up box again…republic please, and soon…”

Tinkerbelle, stuck in the middle with you, United States, 14/06/14:  “Queen Elizabeth looked really lovely. I don’t always like her choice of outfits but this one is really pretty.”

Accountant, Sheffield, 14/06/14: “Why do the royals insist on wearing such ridiculous fancy dress! I hate the American expression ‘turning’ when it’s a birthday.”

paul martin, Beverly Hills, United States, 14/06/14:  “The working class with few exceptions, cheer and shout for the royals as though they were their lord and savior. But the Royal Family care no more for them than if they were so many sheep on their royal estates, for they believe that royal blood, by God’s decree, flows through their veins and that common folk are beneath them. However, the monarchy has always careful never to openly alienate workers although they are part of a ruling class which is engaged in open class war. But be it parliamentary monarchy or a bourgeois republic the State is always the political power at the service of private property. It is always armed force at the service of the privileged class.”

buckbe, cardiff, United Kingdom, 14/06/14:  “can someone enlighten me what are the film awards eddie’s wearing?”

crewza, manchester, United Kingdom, 14/06/14:  “No Fergie?”

Steve, winchester, United Kingdom, 14/06/14:  “Well I don’t care what the liberals, foreigners and immigrants say….trooping the colour fills me with pride. If that lot don’t like it, tough.”

Andrew Rutley, Burnley. 14/06/14:  “There’s no future in England’s dreaming.”

Photograph: Trooping the Colour, June 2012, Wikipedia Commons, Carfax 2.