Colonel Steve Rotkoff’s Haikus

Firdos Square statue topple

Colonel Steve Rotkoff was the Deputy Combined Forces Land Component Commander for Operation Iraqi Freedom. He kept a war journal during his time in Kuwait and Iraq, frequently summarizing events in three-line haikus which were published in Bob Woodward’s Bush at War, Part III, State of Denial.

Anthrax + smallpox
Gas masks, J-Lists at all times
Scary being here

Rumsfeld is a dick
Won’t flow the forces we need
We will be too light

Yikes–SCUD exercise
Mask four hours avoiding work
Sweat pours down my face

This is not a drill…
Mask + chem suit on quickly
Try not to panic

Gordon N.Y.Times
Demonstrates Media Ethics
It’s all about him

Saddam Fedhayeen
Where the hell did they come from?
Everyone missed it

Mental bone tired
Hard to stay not wanted
Can’t rest–men will die

Where is WMD?
What a kick if he has none
Sorry about that

We knew how to fight
Not so, building a NATION
We may lose the PEACE

From Bush At War, Part III State of Denial, Bob Woodward, Simon & Schuster, 2006