“The Razor’s Edge,” Pocket Book Edition, 4th printing, January, 1947

The Razor's Edge

“Strange Pursuit

Somerset Maugham, master story-teller, weaves a plot of mysterious romance against a background of Paris, the Riviera, and India. Larry Darrell, desired by a passionate girl and tempted by wealth, surrenders both in order to seek a faith. His search carries him to Paris bistros, to the embraces of a frustrated widow, and to his discovery of a spiritual power among the mystics of the East.

The force of this novel is Larry’s almost miraculous influence on three people: Isabel, a lusty beauty who lives for the physical things of life; Sophie, who is driven by tragedy to complete degradation; and Elliott, whose one aim in life is to improve his position in an amoral society.

Here, says Time magazine, is ‘one of Maugham’s three major novels.’ It has been a Literary Guild selection and a motion picture starring Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney.”

Pocket Books, Inc. Rockefeller Center, New York, 1947.