yeah O.J.!

Screenshot (572)Want to know what the shouting’s about? Have some fresh frozen Florida orange juice (otherwise known as O.J.) sometime besides breakfast. Like with popcorn or pretzels, when you’re rooting for your favorite team on TV. Or with a friendly hand of pinochle when neighbors drop in. There’s something about O.J.’s fresh true-juice flavor that makes the most of good things and good times. (Its natural vitamin C makes for good health, too!) So don’t wait until morning to have a glass. Why not relax with a tumblerful while you finish this magazine? Just make sure it’s genuine orange juice and not some weak, watery imposter.    c1964 Florida Citrus Commission, Lakeland, Florida

Nothing else takes the place of orange juice. THE REAL THING FROM FLORIDA. THE REAL THING O.J.: FROM FLORIDA

LIFE, February 21, 1964