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Jacqueline Bouvier, of The Times-Herald editorial staff, is in London to attend the coronation of Queen Elizabeth. The following story was written by Miss Bouvier and airmailed from London: 


LONDON (via airmail)–“Oh, to be in England now that the coronation’s here”–Robert Browning would have forgotten all about April were he to land in Britain now.

The whole country is concerned with the coronation, the whole coronation, and nothing but the coronation.

Every home one could see thru the windows of the boat train between Southampton and London bore a picture of Queen Elizabeth–pasted on the outside of the house or in a window.

“Wait till you see the old place, everything’s so bright and pretty,” said the porter, who handled our luggage when we arrived in London’s Waterloo station. “We haven’t had it like this for years”…

After the theater we went dancing at the 400, a tiny private night club in Mayfair. Lined with accordion pleated red velvet, it looked like the inside of a jewel box. Among those attempting to dance on the postage-stamp size dance floor were the Marquess of Milford-Haven.

“Crowds of Americans Fill ‘Bright and Pretty’ London,” Washington Times-Herald, June 2, 1953.