The Harriet Carter Catalog


The Harriet Carter catalog is a pleasure to read. It has sold Americans “distinctive gifts since 1958” –ingenious inventions like plastic frames to hold baseball caps in shape during wash cycles and uniquely absorbent bath mats. In darker moments, the catalog hints at an empire swollen with decadence and paranoia. 



Authentic-looking “camera” simulates a high tech security system and makes crooks think they’re being watched. Motion-activated device “sweeps” back and forth when anyone passes by, while red LED flashes. Installs with included screws–needs no hard wiring! Uses 2 AA batteries (not incl.)

Security Camera:  $9.98    2 for $18.50    4 for $35.96


WIRELESS DRIVEWAY ALARM puts an end to surprise visits, unannounced guests, and unwelcome salespeople by transmitting a signal each time anyone approaches your home. Simply position the weather-resistant transmitter outdoors, up to 400 feet from your house. Keep the receiver unit indoors so you can hear the alert tone. Uses one 9V and 1 AA batteries (not incl).

Wireless Driveway Alarm    $29.98 

IMG_2215  TOILET GOLF lets you practice your putting on the potty! If you’re a golfer who can’t get enough practice time, you can now sink putts where not one has sunk them before–the bathroom! Carpet looks like a putting green; it even has a hole so you can tee off while you’re taking care of the other business. Includes putter and two plastic balls. 36″ x 26″

Toilet Golf     Set $ 17.98

2003 Harriet Carter catalog.