Snap!: Donald Rumsfeld’s Footnotes

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Donald Rumsfeld did not skimp on the footnotes of his memoir, Known and Unknown. The overriding theme is: “I remember everything.” He’s got the receipts. 

p. 201: Another Halloween massacre myth has gained currency over the years: that I engineered the effective firing of Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, presumably to clear the way for me to be the vice presidential nominee. After I differed with him on policy matters, Rockefeller began making a series of accusations against me. This continued, and indeed escalated, even after the Ford administration ended, when he continued to engage in ridiculous charges.*

*In a 1977 interview Rockefeller said, ‘The third thing that I have no proof of but have no way of explaining the event that ensued except by surmising what I will say to you and that is that Rumsfeld had something on the President that he could use and that the President for whatever reason did not want to come out. And therefore it was virtually if not in actual fact a blackmail situation.’ 26

26. Nelson A. Rockefeller, interviewed by Hugh Morrow, November 22, 1977, transcript, p. 27 (Rockefeller Archive Center).

Known and Unknown, Donald Rumsfeld, Sentinel, 2011.