There Will Be Just Two Kinds of People

Kevin Costner was the lead in a 1983 commercial for the Apple Lisa ( Local Integrated System Architecture) personal computer. Dressed in a Canadian tuxedo, he biked into an office with a chocolate lab, walked past a janitor, rode the elevator to his empty desk, turned on his Lisa and took a phone call. “Soon,” a narrator explained, “There will be just two kinds of people. Those who use computers…. and those who use Apples.”

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Narrator: “The way some business people spend their time has very little to do with a clock. At Apple, we understand that business as usual isn’t anymore. That’s why we make the most advanced personal computers in the world. And why soon, there will be just two kinds of people….”

Man(answers phone): “Hi.”

Narrator:  “… Those who use computers…”

Man:  “Yeah, I’ll be home for breakfast.”

Narrator: “…And those who use Apples.”