Five Decades of “Cosmopolitan” Cover Stories


Since its inception, Cosmopolitan magazine has endeavored to instruct young American woman on the business of life. Possessed of an abiding belief in astrology, the poetry and short fiction in 1970’s January issue are supplanted by YOUR HOO-HA HANDBOOK in January of 2010. Racier than the Ladies Home Journal and Redbook, Cosmopolitan‘s preoccupation remains the process of finding, ensnaring, and pleasing that most elusive and mysterious of creatures: a man.

January, 1970 (cover model Linda Harrison)

Test Your Husband to See If He’s Still the Man You Married  Silicone Breast-Augmentation for Flat-Chested Girls (A Graphic Report)  *  The (Mia) Farrow File  *  Things to Do Now to Stay Young All Your Life  *  Sure Way to Keep Him When He Wants to Dump You Love Poems by Rod McKuen  *  A Short Story by Bruce Jay Friedman Scary Murder Mystery–It Had To Be You   *   84-page tear-out book bonus inside THE COSMO GIRL’S 1970 BEDSIDE ASTROLOGER Your special horoscope–month by month Love Horoscope Your Best Men and How to Win Them! THE STARS AND A MAN’S SEX POTENTIAL Forecast on money, career, travel, health


Screenshot (404)January 1980 (cover model Gia Carangi)

The Myth of the Unemotional Man: Classic Cases of Defrosting  * Raquel Welch: Still the Body–and the Brain. Update on This Stunning Survivor  * Triumphing Over the Tyrants in Your Life   Some Astounding Instances of Faith Healing Doctors Find Difficult to Put Down  George Hamilton: Elegant, Suave, Macho; First Movie Star in Years to Relish the Role  *  Cosmopolitan Sex Survey Tell Us Your Sexual Likes and Dislikes–Results Later, Can You Wait?  *  What You Have to Do to Be a Top Model  *  Fiction Bonanza! Excerpts From Two Mesmerizing Best Sellers: William Goldman’s Tinsel, Barbara Taylor Bradford’s A Woman of Substance   * EXTRA! COSMO’S 76-PAGE ALL-NEW BEDSIDE ASTROLOGER


January 1990 (cover model Cathy Fedoruk)

Stallone Is Putting His Life Together for a Knockout Punch  *  When Your Man Is in Trouble. Coping Without Going Down With Him   In Search of Fertility. A Cosmo Update  Go North, Young Woman. Alaska Is Teeming With Eligible Men    BONUS! COSMO’S 72-PAGE ALL-NEW 1990 BEDSIDE ASTROLOGER

January 2000 (cover model Cameron Diaz)

Bedside Astrologer 2000 Your Cosmo Guide to Men, Sex, Money and More in the New Millennium   *  Sex Tricks Only Cosmo Would Know 20 Earth-Quaking Moves That Will Make Him Plead for Mercy–and Beg for More  *  Super-Sexy Hair & Makeup (Be a 21st Century Fox!)    *   She Put What in Where? Outrageous Diet and Health Regimes That Hollywood Stars Swear By   *  Cameron Diaz on Beauty, Boys, and Kicking Butt  *  When Not to Do It on the Third Date 19,000 Guys Reveal the New Romance Rules  *  6 WORDS THAT WILL MAKE HIM WORSHIP YOU  *   Is Your Skin Aging Too Fast? 7 Simple Ways To Stop the Clock
Screenshot (410)January 2010 (cover model Amanda Bynes)
100% HOTTER SEX Thrill Every Inch of His Body Using a Move No Woman Has Dared to Try on Him *  Revamp Your Closet With 8 Sexy Pieces  *  50 Ways to Have Fun With Your Guy! YOUR HOO-HA HANDBOOK Get a Healthy, Sexy Vagina  *  Outsmart an Attacker (Things You Must Know to Stay Safe)  *   2010 Bedside Astrologer Booklet JUICE PREDICTIONS JUST FOR YOU  *   Amanda Bynes A Secret Side of Her You’ve Never Seen  *  The New Male Sex Habit That Can Hurt a Relationship  *  What You Can Tell From Someone’s Touch