Oral Roberts’ Lucky Number 7


“Oral Roberts also uses transfer of authority in another, more subtle way… and it involves the latent superstitions we all carry with us, in spite of how much we might deny that we are superstitious. Oral’s use of our underlying superstitions is very subtle: he takes advantage of the ‘good luck’ we attribute to the number ‘seven.’

The address of Oral Roberts University is 7777 South Lewis. It could have been any address from 7500 to 8100 on South Lewis because the campus takes up that much space on South Lewis in Tulsa, Oklahoma. However, the number ‘7777’ was chosen.

The telephone number of the prayer tower on the Oral Roberts University Campus is 492-7777. It could have been 492-1111 or any other number. However, the one with the ‘7’s’ was chosen.

When Oral Roberts begins giving sermons to his seminar guests on the ORU campus… the purpose of which is to raise money… one of his sermons will almost invariably contain comments about the powers of the number seven.”

Give Me That Prime-Time Religion: An insider’s report on the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association, Jerry Sholes, Hawthorn Books, 1979.